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"Get to Know Catie Noethlich: Her Passion, and Insights"

woman with tattoo on her shoulder and curly brown hair
Catie Noethlich Choose Clark County Executive Director

It is the beginning of something new! Catie Noethlich has joined Choose Clark County as the Executive Director.

" I chose Clark County. I am continually blown away by how amazing and cool the people and places are that exist in Clark County. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would move to another small town in South Dakota, but now, I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

The people that I have gotten to know here are some of the most unique, hardworking, and talented people I have ever known. Running my own small business, as a photographer, has also given me the opportunity to see how supportive this community is. I am excited to create new and exciting things in Clark County to make it a place people dream of growing up and staying in. "

Our Office at 117 1st Ave West Suite C will be open Tuesday's and Thursday's 10AM - 3PM.

Catie would love to have you stop in and let us know what you want to see in Clark County as she learns about her role and begins planning for our future!

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