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Looking to expand? Choose Clark County has a 3% loan available for local businesses

Here at Choose Clark County, we're pretty excited about two new businesses that will be opening soon -- thanks, in part, to financing made available through our CCC Revolving Loan Fund.

We can't tell you quite yet about what the businesses are, but we can tell you more about our loan fund!

Choose Clark County received a grant through USDA Rural Development to start a Revolving Loan Fund for local businesses. Between the grant and the money we invested from our own budget, CCC had a pool of $108,000 to work with. Two loans have now been completed at $40,000 each (these are for the two new businesses that will be announced soon!)

We still have $28,000 in our loan fund, ready and available to loan out to a new or expanding business in Clark County. The best part is that we're making it available at 3% interest!

Are you a Clark County business owner looking to remodel, add on, buy a new piece of equipment, or purchase property? Or are you in need of technical assistance or working capital? Please talk to us about how our CCC Loan Fund can help you!

Visit our page to download the application form.

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