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Hotel in Clark? Feasibility Study is Underway

"Clark needs a hotel!" This statement is heard often in our community, the desire to have nice in-town lodging for out-of-town family, business travelers, hunters, fishermen, and other visitors.

Choose Clark County (CCC) is excited to announce that a feasibility study has been commissioned to formally explore the potential for a hotel in Clark. The Greater Clark Area Community Foundation is covering the cost of the study through a grant to CCC, which is the economic development 501(c)(3) non-profit for Clark County.

CCC has commissioned the study through Grey Hospitality, which specializes in these types of feasibility studies. The company comes highly recommended and has worked as close as Miller, S.D. on a study for that community.

“Discussion keeps popping up around Clark about the need for lodging,” said Kristin Vandersnick, CCC Executive Director. “Conducting a feasibility study will be a good first step to get a professional evaluation of the need and a look into the financials.”

Sean Skellie, Principal with Grey Hospitality, will personally visit Clark to conduct a multi-day site visit. Depending on schedules, his site visit could potentially happen within the next couple of weeks.

In addition to a thorough market analysis, the study will include the examination of potential sites around Clark. Event space, restaurants, shopping, and other guest services will all be taken into consideration. The study will make some recommendations on the ideal size and type of hotel for us, and it will also put together estimated development costs and 5- to 10-year operating projections.

“Choose Clark County is grateful to the community foundation for partnering with us to make this feasibility study happen. We’re excited to work with the consultant during the study, and we’re committed to following through after the study to see where the hotel conversations could lead,” Vandersnick added.

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