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"What Can The Community Do to Fill the Gap Left by Heather's Bistro and Provide More Dining Options for Seniors and Weekenders?"

Places to Eat in Clark South Dakota

It was brought to our attention that when Heather's Bistro closed, it left a significant gap in the community. The community requires more affordable options for people aged 60 and over, as well as more overall options of places to eat in Clark. Plans for the future include discovering how to create weekend dining and coffee.

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The Corner Diner is a member of the Stars Program and offers up to 50-star meals per day to eligible locals. The meals are priced at $4.50 each, and the cardholders can use their card at any of the 13 locations in the area. This program also has frozen meal options available at Used-To-Be New on main street in Clark.

Starting from March 11th, 2024, Clark Elementary School will serve meals while in session at 11:45 AM to area residents.

To reserve your meal, please call 605-532-3605 before 3:15 PM the day before you plan to dine. The school will also provide to-go meals upon request. They ask that you park your car on the west side of the school when visiting for lunch. You can create an account using your name, address, and phone number by calling the number above or Choose Clark County at 605.880.7840. Meals will cost $4.71 each, and the monthly menu is available in the Ken's newsletter and will be printed out at the school.

This new meal option in the city will benefit both the students and the lunch attendees. We aim to continue growing and improving this project for the Clark County community and welcome any suggestions or ideas.

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