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South Dakota Offers 'Round 2' of Business Grants

With the first round of applications not utilizing all of the funding allocated from the federal government to our state, South Dakota has announced that small businesses can apply -- or apply again -- for small business grants until Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020.

While Round 1 looked at the time period March-April-May 2019 vs. March-April-May 2020, Round 2 focuses on Sept-Oct-Nov 2019 vs. Sept-Oct-Nov 2020. If a South Dakota small business can show a 15% or more "reduction business" comparing this fall and last, it may be eligible. Small businesses run by non-profits may also be eligible.

If your small business applied in Round 1, it's very important to use the same Username and Password to log in to the website. Some data from Round 1 will auto-fill into the application, saving you time for Round 2.

The application form for Round 2 has been simplified. In terms of financial data, you'll need to supply 6 totals, the figures for:

1) Gross Revenue for Sept-Nov '19 and Sept-Nov '20

2) Operating Expenses for Sept-Nov '19 and Sept-Nov '20

3) Principal Payments for Sept-Nov '19 and Sept-Nov '20

The only financial documents you'll need to upload are a Profit & Loss statement for each of tho two time periods. To apply or to learn more, go to the State's website for Covid-relief grants here. Here on the Choose Clark County website, visit our Covid-19 Resources page for more details on how to apply, including links to helpful fact sheets and FAQs.

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